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Adrian Speyer

Adrian Speyer is an experienced digital marketer and community builder, and has over 10 years of experience building communities.

As an accomplished writer and speaker, Adrian has given over 100+ webinars, authored dozens eBooks and has spoken about community building at major international community conferences. His experience working with thousands of top brands has enabled him to teach community builders best practices, effective frameworks and ways to be successful in community building that have a meaningful impact on organizational goals.

Adrian currently resides in Montreal and is the Head of Community and Evangelism at Vanilla Forums, a SaaS community platform, hosting the best loved brands in the world.

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What Adrian Does

Build Communities

Adrian has worked with many of the leading brands in the world to build amazing B2B communities. His many years as a digital marketer, product manager and various customer support roles has enabled him to understand how to enable maximum organizational impact for community initiatives.


While Adrian's early career was focused on enthusiast communities, he quickly went on to work on open source, e-commerce and b2b support communities. Today he is still actively managing communities, so he can speak from a place of experience, rather than from the ether.


A multi-faceted marketing career has give Adrian a deeper understanding of SEO, Analytics, email marketing, paid advertising, and marketing automation. He combines this knowledge to ensure communities are part of the deeper eco-system within any organization.


Adrian has given over 100+ webinars, has spoken at several major conferences and taught thousands of people frameworks, systems and ways to be successful in community building gathered from years of community building and working with best in class organizations.


Over the past several years working at Vanilla, Adrian has written extensively on the topics of community and community building. He has written over 300 articles, and has contributed or written over a dozen ebooks on the subject. Available at Vanilla Forums.

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