Privacy Statement

When you visit site, with JavaScript on, you will be tracked by Google Analytics except on this page.

I'm obliged to tell you this information per the TOS for Google Analytics, but I figured I would expand on what I must say, so I can cover my bases regardless of what Analytics packet I place on here. Frankly, I'm not sure why it matters to add a privacy policy, because most people ignore them, and those that care have already taken steps not to be tracked. Honestly, I only think nerds, privacy freaks and search engines actually will end up reading this page. Even though you seem to still be reading this I will give you the details you need so you can get back to something more constructive. Like any site that has some sort of analytics I will get the following info about you:

    * Type of user agent (that means the web browser) used, software manufacture and version number.
    * Type of operating system
    * Screen colors
    * Javascript support
    * Flash version
    * Screen resolution
    * Network location
          o We will see your country, city, state, region, county, or any other geographic data you share.
          o Hostname
    * Time of visit
    * Pages visited
    * Time spent on each page of the website
    * Referring site statistics

So what do I do with the data? I wish I could say I am doing something constructive with it, I'm not. This info is all about pure ego. I want to know how many people are looking for info about me and how they found it. That's it for now.

The data we don't capture includes: Your Name, Age, Sex, SIN #, Mailing Addresses, Bank Account Numbers, Credit Card Information. You are free to share this with me at anytime, but none of the analytics code on this site will capture this info. (Ahem, my wife told me I should warn those who don't understand humor, that this is a joke. I don't want this info and I will never ask you for it.)

In case it was not clear how to avoid being tracked, just turn Javascript off on your computer or you can download the Google Analytics opt-out plugin. But honestly, is it really worth all that trouble? Frankly, Google, Bing, Twitter and all the major sites know so much about you, it's like plugging a hole in the damn with your pinkie.